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Professor Philip Batterham

Associate Dean (Community Engagement & Development)

GENE90019 (Genes Molecules and Cells) Coordinator

Also Lectures in:
GENE20001 (Principles of Genetics)
GENE30001 (Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics)

Located at Bio21 Institute,
Room 406,
Level 4, 30 Flemington Road.

Tel: (03) 8344 2363

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Recent Publications

Growing aspiring scientists

Phil has been elected to the Presidency of the International Genetics Federation

Phil was a 2012 finalist in the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes

Phil was awarded the inaugural Postgraduate Supervisor Excellence Award in 2006.

Melbourne University Up Close Podcast: War Against the Cotton Bollworm
- featuring Prof. Phil Batterham & Dr. Derek Russell

Genetic sequence of flies that eat compost gives insight into the defence system of agricultural pests

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