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The Evolution of Detoxification Genes

Dr. Charlie Robin


We are studying the ways in which insects adapt to natural and man-made toxins. Our research is motivated by a fascination with adaptation and desire to improve the management of pest insects in a way that protects other biodiversity.

Our projects include:

  • Molecular evolutionary studies of detoxification genes
  • Population genetic analyses of 'selective sweeps' associated with insecticide resistance
  • The transcriptional response to environmental toxins
  • Genome-wide association studies of insecticide resistance/susceptibility
  • Targeting pest species exclusively using RNAi technology

Myzus persicae


  • Drosophila melanogaster
  • Other Drosophila species including D.ananassae
  • Aphid Species: Myzus persicae, Brevicoryne brassica
  • Lepidopteran species: Helicoverpa armigera


Gene Families:

  • Carboxyl Esterases
  • Glutathione S-Transferases,
  • P450s
  • DUF227







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